Noun: A combination of human fecal matter and urine common found on the streets and sidewalks of Seattle.
The Seattleite was dismayed that amazon delivery truck left her package right in a giant pile of bezos.
by pedaltothe May 5, 2018
Peckerhead Jeff the prez of amazon, bears strong physical resemblance to a walking human penis, and reinforced by a prickish feud with google, it is now acceptable to interchange “dickhead” with “Bezos”. Up yours bezos!
“What kind of bezos parks a car like that?”
“you would have to be a real bezos to pull a stunt like that.”
Take a hike bezos!”
“Quit being such a fucking bezos.”
by war-n June 6, 2018
When your side bitch splits your prime account and your wife splits your bank account
Yo dawg, I got bezos’ed when Mackenzie caught Lauren watching jack ryan on our prime account
by Meme_man3000 January 19, 2019
A very greasy shit.
I went to the toilet and a particularly nasty bezos slithered out.
by Johan Johannes September 26, 2019
Unit of measurement. Equates to $200,000,000,000. Derives from the net worth achieved by Jeff Bezos on 8/27/20.
Jerald: "The student debt crisis has reached $1,751,280,163,588!" "Wow", Tom yells back. "That's almost 9 Bezoses!"
by stockrbot August 28, 2020
in reference to ones best friends, most commonly used in the north of england, particularly doncaster.
'i love you bezo'
by bettifer April 23, 2009