World hunger refers to the second definition, aggregated to the world level. The related technical term (in this case operationalized in medicine) is malnutrition.1. Malnutrition is a general term that indicates a lack of some or all nutritional elements necessary for human health (Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia).
Many children are dying from World Hunger everyday
by andandandandpeggy October 19, 2016
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When people in a first world aren't hungry, but they are bored, so they shall eat.
Guy: I'm bored. Maybe eating these fries will suffice my urgent need!
Guy 1 After Giant Binge: And that was how I acquired First World Hunger. Ahh...
by 0/\/'/>< October 28, 2012
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The ability to solve any problem when half asleep, but with the inability to remember the solution once awakened.
John: "I swear, last night before I fell asleep, I was working all of those differential equations in my head. Today, I'm looking at a blank piece of paper again."
Jane: "Sounds like a classic case of World Hunger Syndrome."
by Ameerlolkat July 30, 2013
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The biggest tumblr famous poser on the tumblr universe. Changes his personality according to the trends on tumblr.

Hunger-world: oh HAY GUYS WUTS UP

Using kawaii emoticons becomes the trend on tumblr

Hunger-world: I hate you guise ✿◕‿◕✿
by tumblrfamousssss October 27, 2011
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