A replacement word for Jesus Christ, used to not take the name of the Lord in vain.
Jeezums, dat shizzle was jiggity fly.
by Mattyfizzle November 21, 2004
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A word that expressed your suprise or anger. Much like, "Jesus!" but way cooler.
*touches someones computer*
by Gooben Niggersuck May 6, 2010
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a good way of avoiding saying jesus in front of religous people or to express alarm or surprise.
jeezum! look at that guy! hes huge!
by bertos May 8, 2006
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The chocolate syrup left at the bottom of your glass.
The jeezum at the bottom of the glass of chocolate milk is the best part.
by Smoke Eater 41 December 6, 2020
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a way to say "jesus christ" without having to take the lord's name in vain.
"jeezum crow, that was crazy go nuts!"
by izon July 23, 2004
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An expresion of exasperation used in rural Vermont.
It's 20 below and your truck won't start - "Jeezum Crowbars!"
by momFriday February 5, 2011
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a polite way to take the Lord's name in vein popular in rural Vermont.
An example of the use of Jeezum Crow can be seen in the nickname of Vermont's independent senator, James Jeffords. His nickname is "Jeezum Jim," which referenced his propensity to annoy Republicans, a party of which he was nominally a member.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 1, 2005
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