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The definition of Jazzie is a girl who is one bad ass . She loves to have funn no matter what . She keeps a smile on her face even when times get hard . Guys thinks she fine as helllll, and even some girls . She's fun to be around and has an amazing personality .
That girl is amazing! She must be Jazzie (:
by jbabiiii . November 25, 2010
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The Numero uno. The only one. The Queen of the jungle arcade! It's when a female is so fly, so cool, so utterly in sync with the universe she has to be a Jazzie. You can only hope to get close to the amazingness that is her. And if you by chance are associated with a Jazzie, then you are truly one of this existence's lucky few people that can say they know the most dangerously coolest person in history.
*Person 1 is chewing on a chunk of asphalt*

Jazzie: Sup homeslice?

*Person 1 sprouts wings, dons a halo, and charges into a spontaneous occurring battle while playing saxophone*
by ThePseudoFado January 28, 2011
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Jazzie is a gypsy of a girl with oversized eyes and porn lips. She is not very smart but captivates all the boys with her constant flirting. Most guys can not resist her She is confident and self-centered. She cares about popularity more than people. A Jazzie is a girl you will never forget not just because of her natural beauty but because she will have stolen your boyfriend.
Don't be a Jazzie...i really like him!
by Urbanfictionado December 24, 2012
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1. Unknown...
2. To cum all over someone
1. I've gotta pack and jazzie
2. I'm gonna jazzie and explosive all over your face.
by DJ Chopstixxx August 08, 2006
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