The definition of Jazzie is a girl who is one bad ass . She loves to have funn no matter what . She keeps a smile on her face even when times get hard . Guys thinks she fine as helllll, and even some girls . She's fun to be around and has an amazing personality .
That girl is amazing! She must be Jazzie (:
by jbabiiii . November 25, 2010
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The Numero uno. The only one. The Queen of the jungle arcade! It's when a female is so fly, so cool, so utterly in sync with the universe she has to be a Jazzie. You can only hope to get close to the amazingness that is her. And if you by chance are associated with a Jazzie, then you are truly one of this existence's lucky few people that can say they know the most dangerously coolest person in history.
*Person 1 is chewing on a chunk of asphalt*

Jazzie: Sup homeslice?

*Person 1 sprouts wings, dons a halo, and charges into a spontaneous occurring battle while playing saxophone*
by ThePseudoFado January 28, 2011
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The type of girl if you have in your life you should never let go. A lot of people just see her for the first thing they notice- her looks but she's so much more than that. Once you've got a Jazzie in your life you forget what it's like without her. She's beautiful inside and out and the most unforgettable girl ever! She may not have much confidence but she the rarest out there. She’ll be on your side to the end. She's intelligent, brave, and kind. She's worth the effort you have to put in and more. She feels like sunshine and a rollercoaster at the same time, a beautiful adventure. She's all the colours at once with at full brightness. She makes you want to be a better person, a better guy, for her.
Person 1: hey man, who’s your home screen?

Person 2: oh her? That's Jazzie man, she's unexplainable and the most beautiful thing I've encountered!

Person 1: hold onto her! If you don’t I will!
by AlextheArschloch August 26, 2020
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She is the best person you could ever ask to be your friend. She is so loving, caring, and inspiring. She is also the most gorgeous girl you will ever meet. Girls want to be her and guys want to date her
girl 1: omg she's so hot who is that
girl 2: thats jazzy lmao
girl 1: omg im so jealous
by Tris Almasna March 31, 2017
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The best girl you will ever meet. She is classy, amazing, beautiful, caring, and she will always have your back. She may seem goofy or she may just laugh a lot but she is so awesome. She smart and she will always be crazy. She may seem a little annoying but when shes not around you will want her around.
Dang, you found a Jazzy.
by Baygirljay April 2, 2017
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A combination of awesomeness and randomness, a pinch of love, a cup of sexxehness (except whatever created her accidentally poured in the whole container), a dash of evil intentions, and the finishing touch, a handful of CAPITAL LETTERS. If the end result is a little krazy, don't worry.
She's perfect.
So I was baking a Jazzi today, but when I opened the oven, I was overwhelmed by an explosion of kraziness.
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the cutest little chick you will ever meet, dont get on her bad side you will regret it. but if you are her friend you are one of the lucky ones :) has many friends and is loved heapsly by them all.she is simply amazing
jazzy is cute

jazzy is amazing
by car!y!0u!53 January 17, 2012
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