Your own natural mannerisms, conduct, and speech which is heavily in conflict with your environmental, political, and social norms. It's about being yourself and not giving a shit if people think you're off your rocker. I happen to believe it also includes a certain level of acknowledgment to your own personal responsibility which may or may not at times require the destruction of property, either yours or an others.
Yes you son of a fascist, I am krazy, I also have an IQ of 142, so byte me. And keep your melon drugs. Keep them melon drugs for the crazy people.
by poisonIvy June 06, 2011
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Whatever's hot, flashy or flat out impressive
"8 girls wit me all dimes thats krazy."
-Gucci Mane
by djthrizeat November 04, 2009
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verb- the act of being insanely crazy. Often found in fighting or partying.
adj.- resembling a personality of Chris Pontius

*often pronounced Ka-ray-zee*
You say you know karati, well I know krazy.
by MxC Trevor February 20, 2008
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one of the best mcs in blazin
and a good singer
i dont fancy krazy but hes a wicked mc an he s-p-i-t-s out his rhymes and has a proper good singin voice
by donia November 09, 2003
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fittest guy in the world from blazin squad!!!!!! aka lee baliey!!!
lee an charlotte foreva shame i am only dreamin!!!! <it has to cum true>
by charlotte loves krazy!!!! July 18, 2003
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VERY VERY SEXY TALENTED MC n me n him shud b 2geva
krazy n charlotte 2geva 4eva
by charlotte h October 01, 2003
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