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The type of girl if you have in your life you should never let go. A lot of people just see her for the first thing they notice- her looks but she's so much more than that. Once you've got a Jazzie in your life you forget what it's like without her. She's beautiful inside and out and the most unforgettable girl ever! She may not have much confidence but she the rarest out there. She’ll be on your side to the end. She's intelligent, brave, and kind. She's worth the effort you have to put in and more. She feels like sunshine and a rollercoaster at the same time, a beautiful adventure. She's all the colours at once with at full brightness. She makes you want to be a better person, a better guy, for her.
Person 1: hey man, who’s your home screen?

Person 2: oh her? That's Jazzie man, she's unexplainable and the most beautiful thing I've encountered!

Person 1: hold onto her! If you don’t I will!
by AlextheArschloch August 26, 2020

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A wattpad boy is a boy that has everything you could ever want in a person. He is whatever you need at the time. He is typically sweet but cute and/or sexy and is intelligent too! Perfectly imperfect in his own way, typically at least a little shy.

The type of guy you usually only find in a wattpad romance book, treats you how you deserve.

If you have a wattpad boy, don’t let him go!
Person 1: I can't believe it, Alexander is everything I want in a guy, he's my own personal wattpad boy.

Person 2: Dont let him go, I bet so many girls want him!
by AlextheArschloch August 26, 2020

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My sunflower, but in German.

Your sunflower is your person because they make you feel the same way sunflowers do. They should make you feel happy and warm and you should look at them with a sense of wonder. Once you've found your human that is your sunflower you should hold them tight and be their sun.
Person 1: "Hey bro, who or what is meine Sonnenblume?"
Person 2: "Oh, that's the person that's my sunflower, its just in German. She's amazing and I just love her so much."
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by AlextheArschloch December 06, 2020

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An AlextheArschloch is one sexy guy that is also the kindest most understanding person you will ever meet.
Person 1: "Who is AlextheArschloch?"

Person 2: "The sexiest but also kindest person alive"
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by AlextheArschloch December 06, 2020

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There are two binary genders. The two binary genders are female and Male. Then there's sex, your sex is your genitalia. For sex, there's female, male, and other. Other could be intersex or someone that has done some medical transitioning.
Dude 1: ugh I'm sick of people saying they're More than two genders!

Dude 2: maybe if you weren't such a bigoted idiot you'd understand that there are more than two genders!

Dude 1: you're one of them! I can't believe I'm friends with you?

Dude 2: yeah me too! But really there are More than two genders, dude!

Dude 1: oh really? Says who?

Dude 2: *smacks head* scientists, gender therapists, doctors, and people that aren't bigots... Aka people that have a brain and understand something this basic
by AlextheArschloch July 19, 2019

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