one who is always has somthing to say but is not saying much of anything.
your sitting there doing all that jaw jacking and that aint even necessary you dont know what your talking about.
by jewlz 01 January 19, 2008
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Military slang.
Standing around talking. Genernal "shooting the shit", scuttlebutt, or gossisp.
A sergent saw his platoon jaw jacking and not doing their duties.
by Isato October 13, 2021
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When someonally hardree hits you really and destroys yo jaw.
Did you see that chump get jawjacked
by DJ Leake March 10, 2005
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Being so high on meth your jaw won't stop moving even when your not talking.
Mordy was so high last night he was jaw-jacking through the whole game.
by Audge 77 March 30, 2020
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Talking down to someone. Usually occurs during sexual intercourse, or after you've just whopped someone's ass in a fight. May include finger pointing, as well as obscene gestures.
"After he kicked the guy's ass, he got down next to his ear, jaw jacked him, and started doing push-ups!"
by D. Gould February 5, 2006
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Verb; the suprise act of hitting someone in the jaw.
"jack" is used to describe the act of the stolen punch.
it is usually hysterical, and described as a practical joke pulled on your face. Sometimes, it improves upon the facial features.
Sometimes an act of love, and sometimes an act of selfishness and hate.
" I jack-jawed my kids last night."
"fool, you finna' get jack-jawed if you don't shutup.'
"we gon finnd you, we gon fiiind you. You finna' get jack-jawed. go tell THAT."
by Mike&Chrissy&Chairty December 24, 2010
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Angrily struck by another human being . Not a light tap
The man did not heed the warning And he got a jacked jaw by Shawn
by Gilly wally November 30, 2015
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