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Nickname for Javier. Javiers are typically amazing Latino guys. Usually tough and badass on the outside, with a sweet, soft spot on the inside, especially when it comes to the women they care about. Javis are known to be way stronger than they think they are, and they keep pushing themselves and never give up. If you find a Javi, watch him. There's more to him than meets the eye.
Guy 1: "Yo, check out the beast on the bars, ese!"
Guy 2: "I know, man! Dude's a fucking Javi!"

Girl 1: "Who's the guy that opened the door for us earlier?"
Girl 2: "Oh, that's Javi."
Girl 1: "Dammmmmnnnnn, he's hot."
Girl 2: "He already has a girlfriend."
Girl 1: "Aw PISS!"
by WarriorPrincess August 29, 2012
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A hispanic person with a hude dick, good looks, and sexy
also he is good in football, most likely the best.
even a perfect 10
Guy 1-Man i wanna be like Javi
Guy 2-Dude me to

Girl 1-I wanna have sex with that guy
Girl 2-I know he's a Javi
by Pepitop January 14, 2008
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Sweet, nice, has a very gargantuan penis. Very compassionate, and almost always horny.
by Hugh Mongos November 22, 2016
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A Javi is a person who likes to hang out with lots of people , but he always prefers 1 on 1 hangouts. He is also a horny young man and cant wait to have sex. He can be a douchebag , and youll just wanna punch him , but then he apologizes . He is a great best friend and usually only has one REAL best friend since hes known since elementary. So if you know a Javi might wanna keep him around because youll regret if you lose him.
Man Javi pisses me off, but I still love him.
by Dave Crasum November 21, 2014
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Name of an attractive, intellectual, and charismatic male. Derived from the Latin word "pasillo" meaning "hot one" in English.
Erica: "You know Javi?"
Abby: "Yeah he's a hot one."

Erica: "Yeah... Want a lap dance?"
Abby: "YESSS"
by Ohh Clutchh February 16, 2014
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Someone who is fun sized, loves blood, often a masocist. Obsessed with sex. Never stays in a commited relationship for longer than a month.
Wow, that guy is so kinky, he must be a Javi!
by hot123:DD March 2, 2009
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Your wife is a Javi
I don't know why you act like such a Javi
by TheTruthUntold April 12, 2017
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