Highly multidimensional guy with many facets. He can be a tough-headed beast doing reps on the bars one second, and then make a girl feel like a princess the next. A little flirty, but always honest, and a great deal stronger than he believes. He may not always see the good in himself, yet everyone else can see it clearly. Some days he deserves a good slap upside the back of his head, but usually, all he needs is a hug. A Javier is a lot of fun and easy to get along with, though he is very set in his beliefs where it counts. Half devil, half angel, and completely amazing.
Javier is a good guy that you don't wanna mess with, EVER. Get to know him, and you'll either love him with all your heart, or else you'll run screaming for the hills... It all depends on your own assholery.
by TrackerElf;) January 6, 2013
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A Javier is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. It will only take a few days to fall in love with a Javier. Every girl wants him and once you get a crush on one you won't ever forget them. They are athletic and very smart but they will say otherwise. He will be a gentlemen, very loyal, and very cute. Once he wants a girl he will do everything in his power to get her and never let her go. If you meet a Javier keep him in your life forever he will be there for you always.
" Did you see the new kid?"

"Yeah that is Javier, isn't he so cute!"
by 4evermydear April 12, 2018
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Javier is a very honest and flirty person they are the best at making girls laugh and makes his girlfriend and friends happy
Is that Javier your boyfriend


Your so lucky
by Best soccer girl January 27, 2017
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Javier is a pretty cool hispanic guy, might look shy and be awkward at first but once u get to know him u realize he’s the shit it all depends on his mood 99% of the time, he’s very athletic and determined great mindset and likes fighting, he might be a little flirty but has a good heart and when he’s really into a girl he’s only into her, he’s also the definition of jealous he’s very overprotective but the best boyfriend u could ever ask for
not even a soul:
Javier: ight get ur bitchass eyes outta my girl unless u wanna fight or some that’s mine and mine only
by ben o vert September 8, 2019
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Common name for males of hispanic origin. They say that people caring the name Javier are often honest and flirty. Nick for this name; Javi.
Random Friend: Oye Javi, lets go and get some bitches!
Javier: Yeah, sure ese.
by El Jackal June 20, 2006
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Tall and handsome guy. Very flirty and treat women the right way. A fierce gentleman in every way, is not afraid to take risk and is very successful. Very determine, intelligent, faithful and sincere. Love his family and friends and is very committed to them. Have a way with words and is a very likeable guy, people love to be around him because he gives them confidence.
by locoroco01 September 24, 2013
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A guy, who is very friendly and very sweet. He may look like an angle but he flirts like the devil. He remembers everything and can read the people he cares about like a book. He'll be your best friend, hold you close and tell you it'll be okay if you need him to. He is an amazing guy so if your with him, keep him and never let him go, because.... well you'll find out if you screw up.
Javier is sweet kind flirt
by loveyouhateyoumissyou May 29, 2012
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