Speech or writing having unusual or pretentious vocabulary, convoluted phrasing, and vague meaning.

Slang or Lingo
"I'm just not up on all the jargon."
by SilverStar January 13, 2005
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Person 1: Yeah you know I think I got the Australian jargon down.
Person 2: Oh, so... slang?
by SlickSerpent99 April 8, 2017
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Elder demon of tech support. Summoned on command to confuse and/or impress customers and/or women.

1. Use technical terms and Jargon to impress the customer.
2. Use black magic and Jargon to harvest the customer's soul.
by Jargon!! April 22, 2010
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jar.gon Any complicated word specific to one category of expertise.
i.e. Medicine: Medical jargon would be a complicated diagnosis or term used by a doctor nurse or someone involved in the medical community. Jargon is typically used by douchebags who think they're hot shit by knowing words you don't, when in reality they are just gay.
Person 1: Ow man, my head hurts.
Person 2(douchebag): Ahh, you mean your cranium.
Person 1: Don't bring that shit here, throwing down some straight up medical jargon.
by defusious January 7, 2009
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Jargon is the blabble and random thoughts that emerge from a mouth.
Florence not only says a bunch of jargon, but sings it as well.
by googlechromefast October 18, 2010
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Slang words used by marines also known as jarheads to get a point across quickly when regular conversation is engaged.
(marine 1) I didn't know your sister was a hot Whiskey Tango.

(marine 2) Hey! don't use that jargon around me.
by 0311 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot January 1, 2009
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