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jar.gon Any complicated word specific to one category of expertise.
i.e. Medicine: Medical jargon would be a complicated diagnosis or term used by a doctor nurse or someone involved in the medical community. Jargon is typically used by douchebags who think they're hot shit by knowing words you don't, when in reality they are just gay.
Person 1: Ow man, my head hurts.
Person 2(douchebag): Ahh, you mean your cranium.
Person 1: Don't bring that shit here, throwing down some straight up medical jargon.
by defusious January 07, 2009
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fot.see Derived from the acronym "F.O.T.C.", which stands for "Fan Of The Cock". Someone who is fotsy is believed to be or is legitimately gay.
Person 1: Pretty sure Chris is gay, eh?
Person 2: Yeah he's a huge douchebag.
Person 1: No man, I mean fotsy.
Person 2: Oh shit wow man, I always kinda got that vibe.
by defusious January 07, 2009
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Dropping stuff from the sky; usually from a plane.
You hear that dude who got 20 in the can for sky dropping ugles all around?
by defusious February 11, 2009
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To take a shit.
To "ugle" is to take a dump; to be "ugling" is the action of taking that dumb. An ugle can also be a noun signifying the poop itself. If you need to take a shit, then you are feeling ugly (uglish is the incorrect terminology)
Judge: I sentence you to 20 years in prison.
Defendant: For what?!
Judge: Sky dropping ugles on the people of this fine city from your plane.
Defendant: I was feeling ugly and the toilet was occupied, I'm sorry.
by defusious February 11, 2009
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Your hands.
I'm feeling like a sandwich, I got beef and bread, instead of asking my woman, I'll just use my hands instead.

Portable Sandwich Fabricator: enjoy it.
by defusious January 24, 2009
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