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Jarboe (also known as the Living Jarboe) is an American vocalist, songwriter, performer, keyboardist.
Jarboe came to prominence with the New York City based group Swans. As a prolific solo artist , Jarboe works on solo albums and collaborations, has performed at major rock festivals in Europe, has done voice-overs as well as composed the soundtrack of a horror game entitled The Path.
Jarboe gave a truly memorable performance of I Crawled on the 1997 Swans tour. Jarboe lifted an 80 pound python on the video for One Thousand Years which was shown in England and all over European television. Jarboe channeled Ian Curtis in her "black version" of Love Will Tear Us Apart.
by Moselle May 13, 2011
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To "Jarboe" is to physically choke a bitch in a public setting such as a university or cafeteria. Taking name after NCAA football player Joshua Jarboe choked a female in a Troy University cafeteria.
Guy 1 -"Man, where that bitch at with my drink?"
Guy 2 - "I don't know dude, but you better Jarboe that ho"
by TrojanAndy March 07, 2012
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the situation that occurs when you ask somebody for help on a task or project ... and that person's help usually results in more problems and additional work than would have been encountered or required had you completed the task without any body else's help or input.

past tense: jarboed
I was attempting to meet a tight deadline at work, but it required the help of my coworker, Chuck. I asked Chuck to write the specifications for the project, but when I reviewed his work, I realized I had been jarboed.
by jonsdedbro June 06, 2011
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