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When a girl licks all the way from your anus, to the tip of your penis, and then proceeds to deepthroat.
Aye dawg, me n dis bitch wuz gittin REAL crazy da other night.. she gave me a mufuggin JARBO den tried to kiss me, so I slapped her.
by Aaron Wargo October 01, 2006
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jarbo is an earlier obsolete term to define what is now currently known as jick.
"Jarbo is a great guy."
"You mean Jick? What a social dropout."
by jared graves April 07, 2006
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Jarbo is my last name and I’m proud the jarbo family is huge in Iraq and famous in Iraq also, one of the jarbo family members died of cancer ;( but, u can check out his songs on YouTube @rudyJarbo
Man Jarbo’s are the best
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