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Being angry because you’re jealous of something; similar to “hangry” but because of inadequacy rather than a lack of food.
Tyler: See Jeff’s text? I’m feeling jangry.

Drew: Me too.
by Jinxed Bayous August 03, 2018
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"Everyone's making plans for beers. I can't go. I'm so Jangry"

Joe is shorter than Kat. This makes Joe a Jangry dwarf
by Battyrash4lyf August 08, 2015
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The simultaneous and overwhelming feeling of both jadedness mixed with anger brought on by a series of failed relationships or constant disappointment.
Girl 1: He say's that it's his little sister standing with him in the picture but it's probably his daughter. Knowing men he probably has a wife and 3 more kids at home! So trifling!
Girl 2: Damn, you assumed all that from a picture? Why you always gotta be so jangry?!

Girl 1: Did you hear about Melissa?
Girl 2: No, what happened?
Girl 1: Her last three ex-boyfriends made her so jangry she swore off men forever. She joined a convent.
by Meridian Nascent July 03, 2014
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