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Being angry because you’re jealous of something; similar to “hangry” but because of inadequacy rather than a lack of food.
Tyler: See Jeff’s text? I’m feeling jangry.

Drew: Me too.
by Jinxed Bayous August 03, 2018

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A word for beers; not typically used for any particular beer, but just beers in general.
Pat: Crushed a few too many Crispy Bois last night.

Bill: Me too, dude, and I’m paying for it now.
by Jinxed Bayous August 03, 2018

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The feeling that everything is smooth, like coasting through several green traffic lights in a row.
Mike: Hey man! I heard you got a new gig for work!

Dave: Yeah, dude. I’m in the greenlights.
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by Jinxed Bayous July 24, 2018

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Hangover jollies - a state of mind where you’re suffering a tremendous hangover but inexplicably can’t stop laughing.
Leo: I’m having the hojos today.

Jeff: Samesies. Think we’re making people uncomfortable with our laughter?
by Jinxed Bayous August 03, 2018

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One’s feeling that they need to drink alcohol; can be brought on by a hangover (hair of the dog), in-laws (coping), or any other reason, but is typically defined by an inexplicable need to drink when you shouldn’t.
Mike: I’m getting the booze itch, Steve.

Steve: I hear you, bruh. Bloodies?
by Jinxed Bayous August 01, 2018

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