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used to describe a person with a huge forehead like plies the rappers(if he takes hes hat off you see his for head is really big,there is no space between the hat and head)
a 5 head
a fathead
can be said nonverbally by takin ur hand and placing the back over ur forehead whilst spreading ur fingers
Red:look at that nigga ova there yoda, niggas got a plies head!
yoda:shows the symbol
by $K-Rich$ November 15, 2007
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Originated in Florida, commonly used in Opa Locka, probably the roughest/Hoodest part of the Miami/Dade County area:

real hood niggas chillin in a whip about to do some shit
i.e. driveby sell shit, buy shit
car fulla choppa's and everybody quiet, car fulla goons and everybody certified...
These Goons out lurking-plies (Goons out lurkin)
by $K-Rich$ November 15, 2007
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Janging: fucking
King Jang: King of Fucks
you want some drowski bro?
naw kid, imma be jangin this hoe i picked up yestaday on lemon st. all night, i wanna remember this shit
by $K-Rich$ November 15, 2007
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