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Dame that nigga jalon fucked my bitch again
by Kinggod23 March 14, 2017
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Is Amazing Handsome, Strong, Tall, Sexy, and dark skin. His brown eyes are captivating and his smile is intoxicating with the Sexiest Deep voice your ears will ever hear. Is the Best man (if your Lucky enough) to have Love you. Making your heartbeat like no one ever has. Everyone wants to be his friend and every girl Dreams of being his girlfriend.
One look back at my dark Sexy Jalon with his surfboard in hand always takes this American's girls breath away and leaves me speechless in love..
by Im_thegoat March 05, 2018
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adjective. Describes a person, or animal who is wise beyond his or her years. Usually very politically minded and interested in the true sense of "justice for all." Hard working and motivated in improving his or her self and surroundings.
He is so jalon to not only notice what needs improvement, but also to take the initiative to put that improvement into motion.
by Carlton Lee February 20, 2012
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Jalon is very athletic and smart. Jalon also is very loyal no matter what's going on. You can count on Jalon for anything
Jalon is daddy to everyone.
by DaddyGoat July 16, 2017
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A nigga with a fat ass slant in the back off his head. Aka Long Head
Jalon has a long ass water slide in the back of his head .
by JalonAlien September 12, 2017
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This the type of nigg to get blue balls after jerking off
Damn i got tested to see if i got blue balls.... I got that -jalon
by xsupremeacion March 26, 2018
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A man often dark skin he will remind you of your first crush. He will forever be in your heart if your in his,but if your in his heart your are very lucky because once your there you are the forever. He is the best person to talk to about any problem and he will be the one in your dreams giving you everything you could ever dream for because he us just that kind of person. If you have a jalon in your life do everyone a favor including yourself and never let him go!
Jalon is my baby find yourself a jalon too.
Jalon-hey so i was thinking alot about you last night
Me-why me
Jalon-because your beautiful and i need to let you know that
Me-but in not
Jalon-oh baby, come look in the mirror i need to show you something beautiful
by Marmar the read head December 09, 2018
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