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The act of receiving highly insightful, logic based, philosophical knowledge that causes you to grasp and comprehend your inner components of self-consciousness.
I was having a mental breakdown and they laid out one of their jakeisms causing me a breakthrough that completely changed my life.
by Apexman September 01, 2017
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When people began to talk about kidneys in an unworthy manner, the ghost of jake will appear and begin to haunt people. As long as jake lingers, the surrounding toxic levels will increase resulting in people in jake's vicinity to lose their kindney or even worse.......ALL THEIR ORGANS. To exorcise jake, one may roast him in order to keep him at bay.
John: Wow jake has only one kidney LOL that is so funny
Ashley: HAhaha who has one kidney nowadays LMFAO
Stratti: Oh no a wild jake appeared!!!
John: We must start roasting him....ATTACK
by Chanyangg April 21, 2018
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An action or event that is characterized by a person becoming infuriated with said action, and quitting like a bitch immediately.

Also, an action that is characterized by extreme boasting and/or insulting.
"Dude, you rage-quit from LoL games all the time, what a Jakeism."

"You don't have to be the best at everything, no need to pull a Jakeism."

"That guy is always bragging, his Jakeisms are too much for me."
by Dunkypoo March 07, 2012
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1) To hurl an insult but to have that very insult twisted back at you in a way to be more damaging than the original insult.

2) Something that can be completely twisted back and used as a point of insult against the original speaker.
Person 1: This fan blows really well.
<Jakeism>Person 2: Yeah it blows about as well as your mom did last night.
by slavefortheman1980 May 19, 2016
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