To over-exercise in order to get an ex out of your system.
I went to the gym five times last week trying to exorcise Mr. X.
by LAKranz April 17, 2007
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To expel three double cheezys and one supersize freezy the following day after excessive drinking and an unnecessary trip to McDonalds. Similar to the normal huge smelly shit, except on a much greater scale.
"Yo dog, hurry up i gots ta shower"
"Chill playa, im excercising the McDemons"

"want to see a dead body?"
"dog that aint a dead body, my McDemon wouldnt flush"
by T-Money April 2, 2004
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When you go to the bathroom and your feces comes out looking like watered-down split pea with ham soup. Pure liquified feces. The foul stench engulfs the entire bathroom. Lysol disinfectant spray is used to combat the stench; however, a "ghost trap" (from the movie Ghostbusters) would be more suitable since the stench is a presence of its own. Mud Demons usually are created when the unsuspecting individual drinks a pot of coffee, smokes a pack of cigarettes, the morning after a hard night of drinking, and/or when eating cereal containing high amounts of fiber (i.e. LIFE, Frosted Mini Wheats, etc). See also Explosive Dirrhea.

Bring a roll of toilet paper and a cross!!
Stan: Dude, what the hell did you do to this bathroom?

Jay: Sorry dude but I had to perform an exorcism on a mud demon.

Stan: You were exorcising a mud demon?!? I can't even breathe!

Jay: It's soul may still not be at rest. Turn on the fan and I'll find the Lysol.
by badfish stylee January 10, 2010
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A phrase used to elaborately describe taking a crap.
"Sorry I'm late, I was just exorcising the brown daemons from my arse!"
by Feltch McFlop March 27, 2009
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to jam any kind of musical instrument to relieve stress or get a song idea down.
come over tonight and bring your bass we are gonna be exorcsing demons.
by george January 21, 2005
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