Jaison is the intelligent/introspective variation of Jason, in addition to the super, ultra sexyness that generally characterizes Jason's. The additional "I" represents the extra introspective/intelligent side of the jaison which gives a set of characteristic's that uniquely define a Jaison.

In short they are known for being:
1. Sexy
2. Genius
3. Deep
4. Artistic
5. Simplistic
1. That book/painting/song is a masterpiece! You pulled a jaison!
2. Look at that cute photographer over there! He is such a jaison!
3. Wow, you developed a way to cook food using a specific frequency range in the electromagnetic spectrum and your sexy! You must be a Jaison!
by blis212920 February 4, 2010
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Jaison is a kind of person who you can always rely on, he may look ugly as A child, but when he's an adult he will be one of the hottest people alive
That dude is so f**lable he must be a Jaison
by Jaisons fan girls May 2, 2019
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Jaison is the hottest male ever, who will have alot of girlfriends in his life.
Omg I want to get laid by Jaison.

Wheres Jaison I want to give him head
by Jaisons fan girls May 1, 2019
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That kid kisses girls every chance he gets. He is such a jaison
by Thrashergod October 5, 2018
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God of Gayness. Favourite number is 9.
Triangle love story between George and Jaison.
George likes men, He is a 'jaison'
by Ably and George September 28, 2018
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The incorrect way of spelling Jason or Jayson
Is that Jason over there?

Nah its just Jaison

Ah, lame...
by SuperSolidSquid December 19, 2020
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The Congonese, Mongolian Retard that likes to expose himself through imposing black language and sounds only he can make. It is very unusual for him to not have down syndrome or any other mental disabilities
This Jaison Prick
by JaisonNewton July 9, 2019
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