when a guy hooks up with a random girl that plays rugby and gets his tiny weiner sucked in a room with a glass door allowing any wandering perverts to watch
Pulling a Jaison is not subtle and usually involves girly noises from the guy. Also, it is randomly disturbed by various people walking in the room.
guy 1: ooooooooo ahhh

guy outside glass door: woow sounds like that guy is pulling a jaison

guy: lets pull a jaison!
girl: OH! its so small and skinny !
by cronos19 May 26, 2010
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An amazing person. Is very needy but very cute. You need an Isabelle Jaison in your life no matter what, plus they're realllyyyyyy tall. like reallyyyyyyy tall. Anyways, get yourself an Isabelle. will help EVERYONE. loves their friends. get past that tough exterior and its literally unicorns and rainbows.
bro she's such an isabelle jaison.
by PrometheusLives October 21, 2020
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The Congonese, Mongolian Retard that likes to expose himself through imposing black language and sounds only he can make. It is very unusual for him to not have down syndrome or any other mental disabilities
This Jaison Prick
by JaisonNewton July 09, 2019
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