papers used for rolling joints in
Gotta buy me some zigzags so we can roll us some joints.
by Rubes October 25, 2003
A zigzag is a blunt or a joint. mary jane.
Colt 45 and two Zig Zags, baby that's all we need.
We can go to the park after dark, smoke that tumbleweed.
And as the marijuana burns we can take our turns, singing them dirty rap songs
Stop and hit the bong like Cheech and Chong, sell tapes from here to Hong Kong.
by * Brit * May 18, 2005
A joint or blunt filled with marajuana
I'm gonna go lite up a zigzag
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
To break wind while having considerable amounts of feces present in the rectum, the wind passing it by at the sides and taking flavor from it, leading to vile and unusually smelly flatulence (the feces stays in place, though, the wind just zigzagged past it).
- Oh come on, you did not just zigzag in the car, man!? After we had polish food!?
- Hm, afraid so. Why, is that a problem?
- You just extinguished my will to live, bro. (steers car into tree)
by Gamorrean Bard October 5, 2010
Zigzags are some of the most awesome, sweet and kind people you’ll ever meet. If you have a Zigzag as your own you better cherish the cuties. They tend to be kinnies of certain people, but that makes them even more of a better friend. You better be taking care of your awesome kinnie, because they deserve everything and more. Remember to check up on your talented, amazing, Zigzag. Make sure to take care of them and to keep them save, though Zigzags are amazing, they also deserve you love and better then what they have. If you’re a Zigzag, thank you for existing, you kinnie.
“Zigzags so valid!!”
“Zigzags awesome, xey deserve everything.”
“Have you heard of Zigzag? It deserves better then what they have.” :
by GreysonTheKitty:] January 30, 2021
A horrible thing you call someone
Aspyn: You freakin Zigzag!!
Dermot: Arheheheh!
by Dermu February 21, 2019
The act of buying a "zig-zag" bus ticket (allowing one to travel to many different stops) and beating up people from each town you stop in.
I'm annoyed as fuck! lets go zigzagging to take some anger out!, I'm a good fighter because I go zigzagging for practice.
by DreDawgiscaramel May 30, 2011