Huge pimp. Nunez can walk around Bethesda and at anytime see more girls that he's hooked up with than he can count on his fingers. Sometimes he forgets about some of the girls he's hooked up with because there are so many.
Random girl: Whats up Nunez
Nunez: Who are you?
Random girl: Don't you remember? We hooked up at the STA Mixer.
Nunez: We did?
by Poz February 25, 2005
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A complete manwhore. He hooks up with girls says he loves them and then leaves them right after getting some. he even tells them that he got what he wanted. Also happens to dump girls calluosly... ie. online or through letters. He goes to Prep and thinks he is soo hot, but he's not. He brother (twin) Matt is apparently nice, but the girls he goes out with would never no as Mike never introduces them. Mike isn't hot, but somehow he gets the really goodlooking girls sometimes like 3 at once. Really and truly Mike doesn't get what he deserves... nothing. And girls word of advice don't go out with him
Girl: omg Mike said he loves me and them we went all the way

(2 days later) Girl: awwww. he dumped me and after all i did

(3 days later) Girl sees Him hooking up with other girl
by USED January 2, 2005
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To be a gay male who pleasures a sugar daddy who you know is wealthy to buy you trucks or houses. Often being a submissive slut to pleasures orally and anally to a individual twice your age.
Jose is Nunezing the college professor to get ahead in life.

Prostock is Nunezing for money now that he lost his job.
by Mr Magoe August 29, 2016
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N. A bad ass. Future billionaire rapper, and religous figure. He is skilled at anything that interests him.

V. To do something amazing or impossible. Requires skill and patience, and if not jorge himself, a lot of luck.

ADJ. To be amazing or extremely skilled.
Example 1
Person 1: wow its Jorge Nunez.
Person 2: U wonder if he can sign my face!

Example 2
Tom Brady Jorge Nunezed against the jets.

Example 3
Wow, lebron is so Jorge Nunez
by Tupacolypse December 31, 2013
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A hot, sexy, smart, bad ass, person. He can do anything. If you are a girl, ask him out. He likes all kinds of girls, dont be shy. Do it. Ask him out already. He will by you flowers and shit. His name is the definition of amazing. This is not written by him, if it was it would be sacred, and be studied for generations. Slogan: you aint never got to much jorge in your life. Goes to hhs.
Oh mer ghad its Jorge Nunez! (Girl collapses)
by Tupacolyose December 31, 2013
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Opposite of dirty sanchez. Female nails dude in ass with strap-on dildo, then she rubs it under his nose giving him a mustache/dirty Nunez
Jose's ol lady returned the favor by giving him a Nasty Nunez.
by DFord June 21, 2006
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The act of blowing a raspberry in your partners ass, immediately after which they reciprocate by farting on your lips.
After feeling the vibrating tickle of her lovers lips on her anus, victoria felt the need to make wind upon chads mustache, thus completing the erotic act of Naughty Nunez.
by OBH March 21, 2010
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