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Huge pimp. Nunez can walk around Bethesda and at anytime see more girls that he's hooked up with than he can count on his fingers. Sometimes he forgets about some of the girls he's hooked up with because there are so many.
Random girl: Whats up Nunez
Nunez: Who are you?
Random girl: Don't you remember? We hooked up at the STA Mixer.
Nunez: We did?
by Poz February 25, 2005
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A complete manwhore. He hooks up with girls says he loves them and then leaves them right after getting some. he even tells them that he got what he wanted. Also happens to dump girls calluosly... ie. online or through letters. He goes to Prep and thinks he is soo hot, but he's not. He brother (twin) Matt is apparently nice, but the girls he goes out with would never no as Mike never introduces them. Mike isn't hot, but somehow he gets the really goodlooking girls sometimes like 3 at once. Really and truly Mike doesn't get what he deserves... nothing. And girls word of advice don't go out with him
Girl: omg Mike said he loves me and them we went all the way

(2 days later) Girl: awwww. he dumped me and after all i did

(3 days later) Girl sees Him hooking up with other girl
by USED January 02, 2005
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