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An awesome human being who is liked by everyone they meet.
I like this kid a lot. He's definitely a Jaffe.
by cameron March 07, 2005
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The God of all D-poles in the Country. He is the best lacrosse player ever. In fact, it is rumored that several Connecticut College Lacrosse players have seen him flying, spit fire, and even play entire lacrosse games with his eyes closed.
Dave Cambell: I went to church today and saw God.
Malcolm: No, Dave, that was Jaffe today at the Whittier Lacrosse game.
Dave Cambell: Thats right, I should have known. Oh, Malcolm, by the way, I have a huge rod.
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An overly buff boy who is friends with some ugly people.
Jaffe is over buff. I wanna shag him!!
by BuffEnid February 08, 2005
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A character who sucks at life. An annoyance who no one likes. This is the kinda of person who has everything go wrong for him/her.
If you do this you just might be a Jaffe:
1. Wear a rainbow colored polo shirt on national comming out day on shear coincidence
2. Wear a ghost busters costume for halloween
3. Respond with every diss "Hey guys come on, come onnn.
4. Talk to random people who think they like you.
5. Suck at life.
6. Make stupid jokes that result in death threats.
7. Suck at life.
8. Get ditched by people who u think like you.
9. Cry in public.
10. Have a pizza face
Jaffe shut up u suck at life go away, kill your self, uninstall life.
by Andrew December 04, 2004
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a physically distorted kid, who has no friends, and ownt have nay in new jersey either, pro nto peeign himself
see prone
hey look at that jaffe, people are throwing feises at him!
by cello man April 19, 2005
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