A genuine, nice friendly guy, who shows great affection towards others. He usually falls in love with one person and tries his best to keep her happy and make her feel great about herself, and will never let her go even when it seems like the right thing to do. He loves them like no-one else. He also tries to keep everyone happy even if it does not make him happy. An all round people pleaser and an awesome guy to be friends with
"Hey Cambell, do you want to go play football? wed like you to play with us"
"yeah sure, but im not very good"

Teacher-"we need a volunteer to go take the rubbish out"
Cambell-"Ill do it!"
by happyman105 January 21, 2012
Is an interesting person who plays many games and is knowledgeable about most topics
Will giggle around girls and attempt to look cool
Cambell is spiritually connected to soup unable to eat any. How ever he does have a secret hard drive that no one has seen
Yo what’s up with cambell?
Somebody got his hard drive.
by Mwezi February 24, 2022
A very pretty girl who is always there for you. She is very loud and talks a lot, she is also a good girlfriend if you manage to get a hold of her. If you do, don’t let her go cause it could be your only chance with her. She wants cuddles and to feel like she’s worth a lot. She’ll also be your best friend who jokes around with you. She’s also very funny and likes to joke around.
Boy: hey Cambelle would you get back together with me?
Cambelle: sorry you had your chance.
by Ryannee November 12, 2020
She is very kind and sweet. She will always be there for you, she can’t decide on anything but she will always comfort you.
Friend: hey I’m feeling down
Cambelle: it’s ok
by Ryannee November 10, 2020
Awkward ass hoe with a lot of mental issues. Depressed af but just wants love and cuddles. She is really confused by life and hates herself, but will do anything to make others happy and comfortable
Person: Hey, Cambelle. Are you okay, you look really sad
Cambelle: Oh, no. That’s just my face
by Thellamaiswatching October 29, 2018
Hot, sexy mmmm good....like the soup
"oooo girl(son)u saw shorty...he/she mad cambells"
by Mocha April 18, 2004
A cringey white boy who makes selfdepressing memes on instagram
Omg he is such cambel
by The best yo mommma September 22, 2019