it can mean really or very; It is used in the MD and DC area
I'm ji hungry man.
I'm ji sleepy.
by Ni-Ni May 19, 2006
A horrible PLC programming language developed by Ji. Only Ji can understand it and it baffles the mind that it actually works
We are so screwed. That PLC is programmed in Ji++
by The sneaky one November 2, 2017
The theory of the circulation of heat. This theory states that if you have a heater and the fans on at the same time, the heat will be circulated throughout the room. This theory was proposed and proven correct by Spencer ‘spastic’ Smith.
Aye homie is it hot in here because of the jis theory or is it just cause you pounding my ass.
by isaaccoochie May 20, 2021
He is the best guy you'll ever meet! He is a great kisser and really cute! If you get one as your boyfriend keep him (hes worth it) he has beautiful eyes and it's easy to get lost in them ❤️
Ji is my boyfriend and he is sooo cute 😍
by Thiccynicky February 21, 2019
usually a person's name (unisex), and literally means: Blooming Wisdom.
often referred to as a mysterious enigma &/or an intellectual genius &/or a person possessing superhuman physical properties/abilities
Man, have you seen that movie? This guys a freakin Ji Young.
by reachNirvana July 17, 2010
that guy from the boyz with spinach hair who claps and does everything in tiny
bitches are whipped for ji changmin.
its me. im bitches.
by luvkyu October 13, 2020
cute lil cinnamon roll that should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in the cave for protection because he is too pure for this cruel world and too precious for this harsh world
Ji Changwook is an oppa
by uhmwhoopsydaisy February 22, 2016