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it can mean really or very; It is used in the MD and DC area
I'm ji hungry man.
I'm ji sleepy.
by Ni-Ni May 19, 2006
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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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A J.I. Is someone who Joins In on arguments and conversations.
Graham: β€œstop doing that!”
Jamie β€œ yeah stop doing that!”
Graham β€œstop being a J.I. Jamie you twat!”.
by Graham Sissons May 20, 2018
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Jabria Indian school.probably most disturbing disgusting stupid inappropriate khara school ever.
eww,he's a J.I.S student
by OxfΓ²rd February 19, 2019
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Abbreviation of "Join In". A spoken adaption of the culture of 'text language.' Used either as a noun to refer to someone who is an unwelcome member of the party but impossible to shake off, or as a verb describing the action of joining in with a group of people for lack of any better occupation.

Related to tag along.
Noun: "Who invited Katie? She's such a J. I."

Verb: "Hey my bus will be delayed by at least an hour so can I J. I. with you guys?"
by drum'nabass September 09, 2007
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He is the best guy you'll ever meet! He is a great kisser and really cute! If you get one as your boyfriend keep him (hes worth it) he has beautiful eyes and it's easy to get lost in them ❀️
Ji is my boyfriend and he is sooo cute 😍
by Thiccynicky February 21, 2019
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Another way of saying Hi, but because autocorrect like to mess up. It puts β€œJi.”
Either that or the person types way tooooooooo fast.
Amber: Ji
Amber: Sorry I meant Hi, but you know how autocorrect is
Simon: It’s okay.
by s7.m7n January 04, 2020
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