Western porn doesn't have the same spunk as JAV does
by Acdatpb December 21, 2020
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One who is extremely cool/has a large penis/ basically a BAMF.
My best friend is a total JAV. He always around the popular people.
by Adam Veatch May 6, 2008
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An Abreviation of the "Japanese Adult Video" Industry - Often used in terms of Models and Video Outlets
JAV Models, JAV Gallery, JAV Store
by JJ's Site July 22, 2006
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Another word for Amazing, Epic, Sick, insane etc. Everyone was using it in Kos this summer
*Drive down an "amazing" road"
That road was Jav
by Kos2011 July 15, 2011
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An abbreviation of the word "Javelin", usually used when expressing a desire to throw a javelin at another's face.

The phrase "Jav In Your Face" can also be used to replace the lyrics of "Jizz In My Pants"
Oliver: Nathan, you're such a weird guy.
Nathan: Oliver, you're just begging for a jav in your face.
Oliver: Jav? I really don't think-
Nathan: Jav In Your Face!
by A.C. Jackson January 29, 2010
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1. Of or pertaining to weakness.
2. A slang term homeless mexican immigrants in reference to weakness, stupidity and filth.
3. Refuse, the bottom of society or culture.
One javs in this city is too much, I feel dirty just knowing hes around.
by Websters July 20, 2003
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short (or South FLoridian) for "do you have"
"jav five bucks I could borrow?"
by J-BOXIE May 22, 2006
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