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JASS is an event driven scripting language used in Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft III game. Map creators can use it in the World Editor to create triggers and AI scripts.
function Trig_JASS_test_Actions takes nothing returns nothing
call DisplayTextToForce( GetPlayersAll(), "Hello, world!" )
by Anonnnnnnnn November 19, 2007
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Original name for jazz music, names after the jasmine perfume of the prostitutes in Storytime in NY.
Isn't it self explaintory?
by EdgeGeraldine July 16, 2005
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is the slang use of "Yes" but more exciting answered, used mostly between teens; the spelling of the word can be having one or multiple "S" at the end.
Person 1 : Are You Coming to the party?
Person 2: Jass Girl.
by Yesforpizza March 10, 2017
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A Group of four girls
3 with curl hair 1 with straight
and you better watch out there clan be vicious badass bitches their rated X gifted and gonna sell sex.
"Oh my gosh J.A.S.S. is coming hide your boyfrieds"
by Sabrieena October 26, 2008
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a pejorative term, can be used to belittle or insult someone. Can also be used in place of many other unrelated words; he jassed up his knee pretty badly.
he really jassed that one up.
he pulled a jass.
by rob b September 20, 2004
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