1: A Female/Male that is MADDDD SEXY
2: Opposite sex that can grab your attention and makes your head turn to loook
1: "Yo check that sexy girl by the bus stop"
"That gyals a real headturner"

2: "That girl is banging forreeaal, shes a true headturna"
by jay88 May 16, 2007
A disorder caused by someone who has had their eyes stuck so long on screen while playing Video Games that when they command their player to look in a direction the actually turn their own head and then feel completely ashamed.
Dude I was playin' Halo for so long that when I looked left I actually turned left. I felt really dumb.

Ah, A little case of HeadTurning syndrome huh?
by FU A11 February 25, 2010
that awkward moment when you see a cannibal eating someone alive, then they see you and turn their head with blood on their mouth right above the dead body, similar to the first zombie in resident evil. After this happens, they attempt to eat you too.
Johnny got high on bath salts again, a saw him killing and eating Eric, he then gave me the zombie headturn and went after me too.
by dashketchum December 29, 2014