A heinous mutant with an elephant's ass and an intellect of a door knob. A diva in american pop culture i.e. a paragon of abysmal taste and grotesque cacophony. Exposure and rise to success is a result of diligent fellation.
Is that a cello?
No, it's J.Lo.
by russianbear54 September 12, 2006
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1. Self professed acronym that Latina Pop star Jennifer Lopez began calling herself in 2002.

2. Large, spankable, booty. In reference to Jennifer Lopez's booty.

3. Clothing and accessory line created by Jennifer Lopez, a.k.a., J.Lo

4. Root of insult, J.Ho, in reference to Jennifer Lopez.

5. Former wife of Ben Affleck. See bennifer.
1. J.Lo is getting married again!?

2. Look at that girl over there. She's got quite a J.Lo.

3. Hey, there's a pile of ugly clothes in the gutter! And look what they say on them - J.Lo!

4. That girl who sleeps around is sure a J.Ho.

5. J.Lo and Ben created the fusion known as bennifer.
by robots on parade June 30, 2004
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A fat plain Latina woman who through extensive publicity and lots of makeup has weaseled her way into popular culture.
A phony who pretends she is of the people
by god July 18, 2003
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Someone who's body is out of proportion, nothing on top and too much on bottom... say isn't that was plastic surgery is for? come on ya know she thought about it, ever see the Gigli billboard? her boobs her bigger and butt was smaller... and she can afford it, do it, do it, do it!
by sexme April 22, 2005
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Big, fat, beautiful, flawless ass.
Damn, that girl got a J.Lo
by BB July 25, 2003
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a hollywood endoresed hoodrat stereotype of a struggling day to day latina
your too young to be j-loing ...wait until after junior high to show ur thong
by slap a n***a.com July 24, 2003
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