A large line of cocaine, usually a gram or more.
"Last night we were doin' hollywoods off a hookers ass man!"
by ElijahM April 28, 2005
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someone that is known for not answering messages or not being social to others besides their group of friends
by imvalid May 5, 2019
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When a person is told their “acting Hollywood” that means the individual is acting bougie or acting like they’re better than a person. Usually the slang “Hollywood” is said by individuals from NYC . And it means that a female or male is acting brand new like both individuals didn’t grow up in the SAME ENVIRONMENT .
Me . Yurr my G I just got the new 12’s
Him . Son I got the 12’s before you Nd two fits to go with it . Broke ass🤣
Me . Why you acting mad Hollywood ?! You think you better than me or sum B ?
by MufasaDaGodd July 12, 2019
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A nickname giving to those who are full of them self.
For example "Hollywood" thinks he is the shit when he gets all the girls...
by *JCB* October 16, 2009
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to be very humble. to let go your ego. to treat everyone important just like yourself.
tony is not hollywood he’s humble asf
by tonynothollywood December 15, 2021
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1. The place where actors and actresses lose their souls, fake emotions, make drama, and earn money for no apparent reason.

(Example 1 can be used for any kind of person, not just "actors" and "actresses")
"Is my house a 'Hollywood' if my little sister accounts for everything except for earning money for no apparent reason (that's my dad and his acting job)
by DampHair February 28, 2011
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Adj. Describing the change in behavior of someone who has "made it" or think they have "made it," particularly in entertainment. Usually consisting of a poor attitude towards old things that one used to enjoy, acting conceited, spending lavish amounts of money, trading in old friends for new friends that are part of that scene, etc.
Sarah's been acting so hollywood ever since she got cast in that movie.
by socalchick August 5, 2007
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