Meant to be together. Firstly there will be some fights(cute figths) but once you accept the fact you have to be together you are going to be a lovely couple
J + M got married 1 month after they got together
by 1j April 9, 2021
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Lady: honey, taLk
Man: sorry babe, i'm j/m
Man: :-X oopz
Lady: hah! u're caught!
by SEXiiBiTCh69 January 28, 2004
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A sexy-ass mo fo who don't f around/ you can usually find them swimming in pussy. Member of błoód
Woah. That guy's a boss-ass-bitch. He must be a J M
by Yo_daddy April 25, 2017
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When your confused but walk to the bus together (hugging) and other such actions, but dont want to be considered talking. Also, the word friend is used to hide what the 2 people really mean.
John: Hey Margarett, lets make it seem like we are just "friends" as the J&M Stage
Margarett: Ok cool!
by mrchillout01 June 15, 2017
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You: Aren't you coming 2 the happenin partay 2nite?
Me: duuu..y do u ask??
You: j/m/s
by the one and onlay July 4, 2003
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a factory setting that is continuely running out of supplies, and its management staff consists of dildos.
This place is a J M S converters. or
This place is a shit hole.
by Lisa Lovely August 6, 2006
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Oh My Jesus! A more dramatic way to say OMG. It should be used sarcastically and dramatically to emphasize whatever situation O-M-J was said to. O-M-J and Oh My Jesus are interchangeable but if you say the complete phrase, don't forget to emphasize Jeeeeeesus!
O-M-J that bitch looks busted!

Oh My Jeeesus! That bitch is getting crazy!
by CASH $ G G G G G-UNIT! June 3, 2011
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