To be used when something is amazing/shocking to emphasise how you feel. It is not the same as Oh My God which would be a bigger deal, and really, doesn't sound as good. Can also be shortened to OMJ.
OH MY JESUS! I just saw Sally banging Paula's ex!

OH MY JESUS! I think we ran over a squirrel.
by newkidondablock September 22, 2011
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Expression used when extremely shocked or suprised by something very unexpected
"That bikini bandit is about to shoot all the g-mart exectutives!"
by Jackstepher December 24, 2007
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An exclaimation, generally used to describe either something surprising or something extremely cool, radical, awesome, or any other adjective from the Ninja Turtle vocabulary.
"Oh my fucking sweet jesus tits! Check out those...tits!"
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