it’s national clench your ass day. if you were born today you are apart of the slow but sexy society or sbss.
person1: yo i forgot the day today
person2: i think it thursday...
person3: no it’s september 29th -_- y’all slow.
person1&2: but sexy (:!
by chinkdestroyer October 18, 2019
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National "I love you" day. Do you love someone? Anyone? Romantically or platonically? Well, today is a reminder to tell them how much they mean to you.
G1: "I love you!"
G2: "that was so random. But I love you too!"
G1: "well, it's September 29th."
by Ayobroski September 29, 2021
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The day where all people on this day get attention
Person1:hey it’s September 29th you know it’s time

Person2:awww fudge
by syperia December 5, 2019
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Let me guess this is your birthday? If it's not then... ok then if you were born on September 29th your as cool as the person that was born on September 28th. What did you expect me to tell you? Anyway Joe came down with a case of Ligma and Updog
Joe Mama. Ligma balls. Nothing much what's up with you? That's right September 29th had the jokes!
by Trustymilk12 October 17, 2019
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guy 1: hey what day is it today?
guy2 wednesday!
guy1: noo it’s national kiss angelica day

guy2: oh yeah

29th september
by unknown19832 September 23, 2021
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29th September slap people who are short only one time and one person just slap them also you can just call them short and vlahah I’m short ahahah
by have fun September 28, 2020
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