Catch Phrase Invented By Chug Jug, A Team Of Absolute Legends.

Means to start gaming and never stop, cause the grind never ends.
Hey Mark It's Gamer Time!
by Murder9 November 5, 2018
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All women in a 50 meter raidus are pushed by an unknown force away from all gamers so they can focus on game time, and not have to deal with the troubles of women. (Requires 5 men of true gamer status to chant "Gamer Time" simultaneously while together to activate Gamer Time. Can only be used once per week for in real life game balance.)
Group of 5 Men: "GAMER TIME!"

Women: *suddenly pushed away and flung in every direction*

Gamer 1: "Turn on the consoles, it's Gamer Time."
by JayNR November 15, 2018
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A moment along the present and perceivable spectrum of the space-time continuum when an individual decides to participate in virtual games on a device.

Note: This activity is only currently depicted in three dimensions and is not to be confused with soup time.
Gamer headset: on; knuckles: cracked; girlfriend: none; yep.. it's gamer time.
by Gamer4692316 October 26, 2018
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gamer time is gamer time. you cannot explain gamer time. gamer time is the building block of all gamers, the real reason we all have those cringy "single? taken? GAMER" shirts our grandma got us. gamer time is big gamer. gamer time is most likely 4:20 but it can differ.
only true gamers have their phone set to gamer time.
by Sparky_Cat October 30, 2020
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that moment when you're dad finally agrees to help john wick who's in tilted towers or you get vbucks.
Dad: I'll have to sell the house but then you'll get your vbucks, we'll have to live in a very small apartment.
by Yeetius Prime November 25, 2018
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Gamer Standard Time (GST) is a time zone for gaming worlds, virtual worlds, and all online forms of video game playing.

It just happens to coincide with PST (Pacific Standard Time), probably because California is the leading place for the video gaming industry and virtual worlds.
1: "What time do you want to start a game tonight? Around 9 Gamer Standard Time?"

2: "Sure. So GST is what...? 8pm for me here in Denver?"

1: "No, it's 10pm for Mountain Time."

2: "Hell yeah! See you later!"
by CadeRageous January 8, 2010
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Hitler, where do I start he is the best gta player of all time because his kdr was 17,000,000.0. I don’t think any gamer can get that in there lifetime. Plus he got it 4 years. Since he killed himself he has never gained a death.
Person 1: Did you know that Hitler is the best gta gamer of all time?

Person 2: Of course I did.
by BestWordMakerEver October 2, 2019
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