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virgin bucks , the thing you constantly beg your parents for so you can get some dope ass skins, but you are always denied and that cause you to cry everyday because all your friends are rich ass white boys that are all virgins.
All my friends have vbucks .
by Enormous P May 20, 2018
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A curencey in Fortnite called Vendor-Bucks but only virgins are the ones to buy it giving its nickname Virgin-Bucks. This curencey will lead you to lose your money.
My homie is now on the streets because he wasted all his money on V-Bucks
by Johnny is eating SUGAR! September 17, 2018
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A currency in the popular game “fortnite” where most kids steal their parents money to buy them in game.
Fuck you Mom I’m buying vbucks
by LilSauceGod June 02, 2018
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A currency used in the popular game Fortnite
Kids are stealing their moms visas to get this shit, it's fucking crazy.
It's just annoying.
Fortnite is annoying.
v-bucks are fucking gay
omggggggg, you dislike fortain
by a squatting slav October 08, 2018
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The in-game currency of Fortnite. Every player is guaranteed to spend at least $10 of REAL money on v bucks cause Epic made it too hard to earn unless you have the full game. Used to buy skins, gliders, and other cosmetic items.
Bill: "Hey, how did you get that outfit?"
Fred: "I spent my entire life savings on v bucks and this was. still the only skin I could afford."
Bill: "Oh."
by ABC Mouse May 22, 2018
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Expensive trash which in my opinion deserves to be burnt in a stake BY a pencil who’s recovering from being burnt from a stake. V-Bucks are basically 2 Satans mixed together. V-Bucks also stands for Vindertech Bucks.
1 like = 1 VBUCK so if this video gets 10,000 likes I will be giving away 10,000 V-Bucks.
by Fordobread June 01, 2018
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A digital currency that allows players on Fortnite to buy cosmetics and accessories that adds nothing to the gameplay but visual appeasement. The term V-Bucks is also referred as "Virgin Bucks" for a more elongated phrase or term.
xX_LEGENDGOD69_Xx_ : *Buy's V-Bucks*

AllisaGames : Damn he's a Virgin for sure.
via giphy
by PythonBG June 10, 2018
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