virgin bucks , the thing you constantly beg your parents for so you can get some dope ass skins, but you are always denied and that cause you to cry everyday because all your friends are rich ass white boys that are all virgins.
All my friends have vbucks .
by Enormous P April 2, 2018
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A currency in the popular game “fortnite” where most kids steal their parents money to buy them in game.
Fuck you Mom I’m buying vbucks
by LilSauceGod May 6, 2018
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A type of currency in the game of fortnite but is a currency for beta male virgins
Hey sick why you have so much vbucks you e-boy virgin
by Off-White-Disc December 30, 2020
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The reason your mums credit card has no money in it
“Why does my credit card only have $3 in it?”
“I bought vbucks!”
by clikk September 16, 2018
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shit that moms give to their kids to make them shut up for once in a while
fuck son, shut up for once in your life. "BUUUUUT MOOOOOMY I NEEEEEEEEEEEED MY VBUCKS FOOOOOOR THHHHEHEHEHEH NEW SKIIIIIN" fine you fucking twat here you go *hands over credit card* "OHHHH WOWY FANKS MOOMMMY"
by twitch-akira August 17, 2019
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"hey mommy can i have vbucks for the new Fortnite skin?"
"No Timmy now bend over"
by Click on this for free vbucks November 14, 2018
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The things kids really want to buy when the ask their parent to use their credit cards , for the game that made men loose their chicks
Mom I need your card to purchase vbucks !!
by Fortnite skin abuser June 30, 2018
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