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defn: A place you want to avoid like the plague.

Whyoming, a play on the spelling and name of the desolate state Wyoming, adding a "h" in a proper place, helps ask the eternal question: "Why?"

Wyoming is a cold, very windy, desolate state. It has the least amount of people per square mile for a reason. The largest city is its capital, Cheyenne, which is in the range of 60,000 people (yes, a few universities have more students than that).

In short, though it has a few beautiful areas, it's known to urban and city people as a place to avoid like the plague. Why go to Wyoming when Colorado is nearby?
"I don't wanna' go to that lame frat party--that's Whyoming!"
by CadeRageous January 31, 2008

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When needing to immerse oneself in a situation of "nerdy" people, one needs to occasionally adapt oneself to fit in. This is not necessarily a bad thing—it can be hilariously fun and inclusive, rather than having to feel like an outsider. However, it can be bad if the wrong person catches you getting your nerd on, giving them a horribly wrong impression of you (Read: dating potential).
"Man, I'm gonna' SO get my nerd on this weekend at Comic Con."

"Why is it when I go to either a Star Trek convention, Scarborough Faire, or some comic convention, I have to get my nerd on to fit in?"
by CadeRageous July 31, 2008

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Gamer Standard Time (GST) is a time zone for gaming worlds, virtual worlds, and all online forms of video game playing.

It just happens to coincide with PST (Pacific Standard Time), probably because California is the leading place for the video gaming industry and virtual worlds.
1: "What time do you want to start a game tonight? Around 9 Gamer Standard Time?"

2: "Sure. So GST is what...? 8pm for me here in Denver?"

1: "No, it's 10pm for Mountain Time."

2: "Hell yeah! See you later!"
by CadeRageous January 07, 2010

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A gay man who keeps his home like an old lady would, which would surprise you had you not seen their home before based on how they carry themselves in the outside world.
The home would most likely be filled with gorgeous and well-kept antiques, little ceramic figurines and other fancy (but lame) knick-knacks, and DOILIES on everything. This home is often shared with an annoying, tiny, yippy dog that no one loves but the owner.

These Doily Queens often surprise those who have only met or seen them in the outside world. They often go to leather or biker bars, have unkempt facial hair, and possibly have sex in these seedy bars.
by CadeRageous January 10, 2009

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A homosexual male who has had absolutely zero sexual contact with someone of the opposite sex.
My friend Salim would be a complete gold star fag, except for one very horny Homecoming date combined with a very dark living room.

Now he gets ill just thinking of the vag. "Ewwwwww!"
by CadeRageous August 25, 2008

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A state of being where one is immersed extraordinarily deeply into a project or situation.

Originating from farm life, where cattle and horse breeding often requires literally going "shoulder-deep" into an animal to either fertilize its eggs manually or to check for a pregnancy. This is only gross the first dozen times. Ask your veterinarian or local hick for further details.
Man, I have to get my nerd on and start coding this back end content managed system of this web site my damn self. I'll be shoulder-deep in figuring it out.
by CadeRageous July 31, 2008

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synonym for Blackberry Jam.
Tired on my way home from work, I exit the subway train at my stop only to be slowed nearly to a halt in a crackberry jam on the way out of the station. It's like they can't WAIT to get a signal again.
by CadeRageous October 03, 2008

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