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Gay Standard Time

15 minutes late for everything.
"Coming in late isn't a problem; my boss understands that I'm on GST, and is just thankful that I'm not on drag queen time."
by Unixfag September 22, 2006
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After reading a new funny post on lamebook, I took a gsts.

Dude you just GSTS'd all over my keyboard.
by That other one kid April 03, 2010
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The turbo version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, manufactured 1989-present. 1G 1989-1994 models lack GST badging but still have a turbo.
Damn that GST just kicked my Civic ass.
by Chris Tipton-King July 18, 2005
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Gouging and Screwing Tax; invented by Brian Mulroney's 1993 Progressive Conservatives = 7%; see also Canadians, eh, Goods and Services Tax; temporary measures; bad polictal moves
1)You item costs $10 plus 7.5% provincial tax, plus 7% GST.

2)"Progressive Conservative" Party lose catastrophically, with GST the main issue. Conservative Party goes from governing party to a minority too small to be official any more: an unprecedented rejection! (from Sales Tax Suicide)
by AGC September 03, 2003
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1. Goods and Services Tax. A value added tax, added as a percentage to the cost of everything.
2. Get Shitfaced and Throw up. A party where excessive drinking is encouraged, to the point of emesis.
I hear the government introduced a GST, so I'll have to pay an extra 10% for the keg I'm buying for tonight's GST party.
by Swamp Ig June 04, 2007
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"Grove Street" gang in the city on wisconsins west coast. w/ Nate Dog and TC leadin.
What up G.ST. give me your wallet fool.
by Top Cop November 28, 2006
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