Please Send Tell.

Used for indicating that the person wants spoken to in-game through a private conversation.
WTS Long Sword PST with offer!
Group LFM PST.
by Soljia March 4, 2005
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Prime Snap Time. The time between 6pm - 8pm where the photos you post will get the most likes (instagram, Facebook etc.).
Girl: 'Mandy quick! It's just hit 6.01pm girl, that means it's PST. Post that instagram quick!'

Girl 2: 'Thanks so much Sophie, I would've forgotten!!'
by instagramgirl102343 September 24, 2015
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Pakistani standard time
Arriving half an hour to an hour after an arranged time.
Guy 1: 'is he coming for a scran?'
Guy 2: ' yeh but he runs on pst'
by zobear April 23, 2011
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Paul Standard Time - This is the time dilation caused by excess inhalation on Marijuana fumes, typically extending a 20 minute duration to between 1 to 24 hours.

"Time is relative, especially when your stoned out your gourd" - Albert Einstein
16:20 Paul; leg is 20 mins? brb
16:21 You; Sure.
20:41 Paul; I'm back, Joining?

20:42 You; 20 mins PST™
by Cicolas Nage October 3, 2020
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An acronym for texting and web chat meaning "please show tits".
Text conversation

(Boy) What you wearing?
(Girl) Black bra and matching panties.
(Boy) PST
by Thatblackguyoverthere April 5, 2011
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