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Shit that you won't have time to drink because your shit ass squad can't protect you, nor can you protect yourself.
You: Cover me while I drink this chug jug
Teammate: Okay *dies*
Teammate: Gotcha *dies*
Teammate: Yep *dies*
Me: *dies*
by Mei-main June 01, 2018
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"Looking like a ChugJug" (this would be a very flattering compliment)
by SoBB_ October 18, 2018
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a plastic container, generally filled with an alcoholic mixed drink used for quick consumption
guy 1: is this fruit punch?
guy 2: don't touch that! it's my chug jug!
by mlbsweeeeet May 18, 2009
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A pair of double D tits that you shove your face into.
Let me give you a chug jug girl.
by Kelpo_Man September 24, 2018
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The elixir of life in Fortnite. Can send you from 1 health all of the way up to max. Gives you 100 health and 100 shield.
Oh my gosh Jish, after I revive you again ill give you another Chug Jug so you can re-up your health.
by Yeetsonju May 08, 2018
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Some one who is fat and lazy
Bruh your girlfriend sits on the couch and eats Doritos all day she’s a chug jug
by The tough little boy June 09, 2018
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