Nas 2nd studio album. Not as sick as Illmatic but still a hot album check out the songs "The Message", "If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)" and "Live Nigga Rap".
"Ayo It Was Written is a hot album son"
by Danger Doom 665 August 19, 2011
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used to describe rhymes that have been written beforehand
yo, i cant do freestyle, but i come wit the written.
by da madd scientist October 01, 2003
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Used to describe someone who is ‘written off’ another word for ‘clapped’ and ‘munted
Guy 1: hey weren’t you thinking of linking her
Guy2: nahhh that girl is written
Guy1: yeah didn’t want to say but she is baddd
by Coochiecrusader November 08, 2018
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The phrase “written by a woman” is mostly applied to men, who are literally God’s sent. They are respectful, handsome and wonderful in any way. (not homophobic, racist, etc.) These type of men are the most beautiful beings to exist.
“Oh, that’s Namjoon! Gosh, he’s so awesome, he must’ve been written by a woman!”

Hey Eric, you’re totally written by a woman! You’re so nice!”
by Alynn <3 July 22, 2021
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Doe Writtens is a man from state New Jersey. He's friends with Lester Green, and AJ Beetle, both men from state New Jersey. Doe Writtens is extremely close with AJ Beetle.
Doe Writtens X AJ Beetle
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also known as AWR, an amazing pop-punk/alternative band from Orange Park, Florida.<3
Ryan Sampson-vocals
Dillon Gregory-drums/vocals
Clay Chandler-vocals/bass
Trevor Beirich-guitar/vocals
person-hey have you heard A Written Requests' new album yet.?
person-it kicks ***
by goodmusiccc970584 November 21, 2011
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When a person is just non-existent to other people because of how unnoticed they are.
''That kid was at school the whole day?. Damn he's a written off person.''
by Munted dipshit August 24, 2019
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