A term typically used interchangeably with "Hebrew" and "Jew", referring to an ethnic group that traces its origins to the Biblical patriarch Jacob (Israel). Another group that has consistently traced its origins to this patriarch since antiquity is the Samaritans, and the term "Israelite" may be used to refer to Samaritans as well.

Even in Biblical times, the Israelites weren't of the pure stock of Israel - there was also the Erev Rav, the mixed multitude of people from other nations that followed the Israelites out of Egypt to Sinai, and were still often referred to even in the Torah as b'ney yisrael, Israelites. Conversely, there were Israelites who did not follow Moses to Sinai, and they were not counted among the Israelites from that point.

Among the modern Jews and Samaritans there are groups who trace their origins to specific Israelite tribes. Many families trace their origins to the tribe of Judah, for example, but the lineage that is best conserved is that of the Levites, who continue to play an important role in Judaism and Samaritanism. This includes the priestly lineage, who trace their lineage to Aaron the High Priest.
I'm a Jew, a Hebrew, and an Israelite via Levy, the son of Jacob and Lea.
by Queen Buttrix April 3, 2021
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According to one user

"According to Deuteronomy 28, blacks, Hispanics and native American people are the Israelites the Bible speaks of.
The children of the 1492 and 1619 slave trades are the Israelites the Bible speaks of."

Technically that's only partially correct. In deuteronomy 28 it says ALL of these curses shall be upon you. NOT SOME. Only the negroes (blacks) fit these curses to a T. While native Americans and Hispanics went through hardships they don't fit the curses of deuteronomy 28 in full. The Hispanics and native American inclusion comes from a 12 tribe chart teaching which doesnt make sense (or include the tribe of dan... hmmm). Scripture says that Israel would be discontinued from their heritage. This has never happened to the people who call themselves Jews today or the Hispanics /Native Americans. But this has happened to the blacks scattered into every nation through slavery. The Torah says by the account of 2 or 3 witnesses a thing must be established. According to not only multiple scriptures but even archeology, history, DNA as well as paintings and cultural practices all THROUGHOUT AFRICA, Blacks (not all) are the descendants of the 12 tribes of Yahsharal/isreal.

An israelite (physical not spiritual) is one who is a descendant of one of the 12 patriarchs of Yahsharal. Abraham>Isaaic>Yacob>12 sons>×××
Circumcised the eighth day, of the stock of YISRA'EL, of the tribe of BINYAMIYN, an IVRIY (hebrew/israelite) of the IVRIYm (hebrews/israelites); as touching the Torah, a PARASHIY;

Philipians 3:5
by Bachar Nabi May 29, 2019
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Black, Hispanic, and Native American people whose Fathers were legally enslaved in america (the new egypt).

A Nation not desired.

A Nation of People whose Fathers were deemed as 3/5 of a man, less than a man, not a man.

A group of People whose Fathers were forced to eat foods that were unlawful for them to eat under the laws of GOD given to Moses in the mountain.

A People whose Fathers were taken captive by their enemies and forced to work in exchange for a shack, unlawful food, and water.

A People whose Fathers were talked down to and treated as "less than" all other men on earth.

A People whose Fathers were forced to watch or get out of the room while their own wives were raped or fornicated with by their enemy, master.

People whose Fathers lands were won by their enemies in a series of bar fights called wars because their enemy is not classy.

A People whose Fathers were given as gifts to other people in the antebellum united states.

A People whose Fathers are scattered all over the globe claiming to be other nations of people, for example, americans, hispanics, or puerto rican.

People whose Fathers continue to be legally enslaved employees in america and in other countries.

A group of people whose Fathers have been swallowed up by their enemies.

A People group whose Fathers were brought to america in the bottom of huge ships to work for free.

A group of People whose Fathers watched helplessly as their daughters were defiled and abused by men.
Man: "My daddy is an Israelite"

Woman: "My daddy is an Israelite, too"

Man: "That means that, under the law of Moses, we can get married to each other. Do you want to marry me?"

Woman: "Sure."
by Vita Smart July 15, 2022
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According to Deuteronomy 28, blacks, Hispanics and native American people are the Israelites the Bible speaks of.
The children of the 1492 and 1619 slave trades are the Israelites the Bible speaks of.
by Tzedie November 26, 2016
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when the Palelstinians and Israelites are fighting against their own families which are themselves.
The illusional Israelites have been fighting each other for centuries.
by Coop Dupe June 12, 2018
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Someone who believes that the real Hebrew Israelites are the gamers, not the Jews. Similar to the Black Hebrew Israelites, British Israelites, and the "Jesus was Palestinian" crowd.
Gamers rise up and reclaim your long-lost heritage! We are Gamer Hebrew Israelites! Jesus was a gamer!
by Queen Buttrix March 13, 2022
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