We KNOW the answer. No, the earth is not flat, it’s round like a ball, and anyone who asks that question is retarded as fuck.
Aaron: hey Matt, is the earth flat?
Matt: bruh
Aaron: ok, I’ll ask someone else.
Aaron: hey David, is the earth flat?
David: shut the fuck up!
Aaron: it’s either yes or no
Aaron: Mason, my man, is the earth flat?
Mason: no
Aaron: man they’re horrible liars
by Kidswillbekids October 29, 2019
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People who think this seen to lack many organs and they sometimes even believe in other many unreasonable things.They usually are not very funny and are goofy.
I do not like people who think The Earth Is Flat
by The_Corr3ct_One May 24, 2022
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No its not
Timmy: The earth is flat
Jimmy: Its a sphere u smartass
by tecopux November 9, 2021
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The most retarded theorist group to ever exist, becoming a Flat Earther poses a high risk to your IQ, and has a possible side effect of giving you Cardiac Arrest, And/Or Removing your brain entirely.
some flat earthers belive in an ice wall (Antarctica ) surrounding the earth, with outside lands that the rest of the world is hiding.
Flat Earthers have two siapses in their brain and nothing more
by Dragonfurious007 April 29, 2018
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A baseless "theory" conspiracy supported by a bunch of people who mindlessly follow it like a nonsensical cult. It has no evidence to back it up whatsoever, and any evidence that the flat earthers bring up can quickly be rebutted by a reasonably smart and logic-minded person, like me.
Guy: The earth is flat, globetards! Flat Earth is right!
Me: It's not. Can you explain why we have two hemispheres and they have different stars?
Guy: What? Fuck you! You are stupid and uneducated!
by Xosmic February 16, 2021
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The act of not liking the reality of something so deliberately denying it's existence for personal gain.
Anne didn't like her homework so she flat earthed it. As a result she flunked her test.
by ParodyMan November 16, 2018
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The theory that the earth is flat. Any one who says this is either stupid or drunk. We all know the earth is shaped like an Asian girl with big tits.
Wow! The flat earth society has members from all around the globe!
by High_AF October 19, 2018
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