Too attractive, too tempting, and too powerful to be resisted. Also her beauty and intelligence can't be resisted!

Her actions speaks so loudly you can't hear her speak.
That Samantha Roundtree is sooo irresistible!
by MzLadyS23 December 26, 2016
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A combination of the words Irresistable and Resistive.

You were and are irresistable, I was trying to be resistive, words wouldn't work hence this creation.

A song 100 miles long.
I try to resist you but I can't. Liz you are Irresistive.
by Pengi October 16, 2005
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cant be resisted, you cant resist the urge to have that person or thing
that guy is soooo irresistible!!! hes just yummy
by jas1989 November 15, 2010
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someone that u cant take your eyes off off and you are drawn to and someone who is oober cute
david k is sooooo irresistable! i just cant get enough of him
by courtney h. December 13, 2006
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someone irresistable and sexy, so smexy that you can't resist them or they're smexyness.
Sally: wow he's smexy
Scarlet: no Sally he's irresistably smexy!
Sally: yeah John's irresistably smexy:)
by the smexyist! April 6, 2010
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A term in physics related to a attractive force exuded from a man or women. The more attractive the person the greater pull towards the opposite gender.
Oh My God, Becky! I just saw this hunky Indian kid whose irresistible force was so strong I was pulled out of a building and landed in his arms.
by Shree the Tree November 15, 2015
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