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He's super sweet, he's not judgmental. He's determined and he doesn't slack off he's such a family guy any girl would be lucky to have such an amazingly nice, cute, handsome, guy like him.
Haagens girlfriend is so lucky!

Any guy would turn gay if they saw Haagen
by greenaleena1234890 June 26, 2016
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a crazy bitch boy that has obsessive stalker compulsive behavior. the haaganese were a species of blue haired freaks that wore loincloths and lived in jamaica. or something.
1. that kid was a haagan, so i threw some good rocks at him.
by iwantsomeaspirin August 15, 2004
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A "haagen" is actually a type of ice dream. But unlike normal ice cream, haagen doesn't have two dots over it and it doesn't have "das" in it, because the FDA found out that das can cause myocardial cystic fibromyglia, which really sucks!
"Let me get some of that haagen in my fuckin' stomach, bitch!"

"I sucked your mom's tits last night and used haagen to flavor up her dry-ass vagina!"
by WineConnoiseurFuck March 01, 2005
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