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A person who has an iron will, usually a hero or protagonist
1.This person is ironclad!
2.The hero or protagonist of the story is ironclad
by Master Warrior August 03, 2017
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1. covered or protected with iron
2. unable to be contradicted
3. a large wooden 19th-century warship with armoured plating
1. The men in that battle were ironclad
2. He was ironclad
by UD is my bible January 04, 2009
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Any condom made from Kevlar. The only contraceptive that is more reliable then abstinence.
"I heard you screwed Sarah last night man? Did you use protection?"

"Don't worry, I used an Ironclad. Her lower body will be numb for the rest of the week."
by Dark Doppelganger February 21, 2010
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