The most accepted German symbol in society today.
The t-shirts for the different Chopper companies feature Iron Crosses on them.
by der rote Kampfflieger July 27, 2004
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Dumbass, it wasn't used by the Nazis. It was first used by the Prussians during the Napoleonic Wars and today's Luftwaffe still uses it.
Fat Boy Kemp is a dumbass and Victor is a proud German who still has an Iron Cross in his pocket all the time.
by Victor April 24, 2004
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this term is used when making a forceful bowel movement in the handicapped stall in public bathrooms.

you hold each silver handrail on each side which looks like a cross from behind.

used to give more power to the dump!
i was so bound up i had to use the iron cross formation.
by jtryptophan January 8, 2007
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The sexual act in which a girl is bent over, and is being penetrated from behind, while giving felatio to another man; and also simultaneously giving hand-jobs to a guy on each side of her. Hence creating a cross shape.
Andy, Kevin, Adam, and Jon did and Iron Cross to Courtney!
by comicbookbunny January 24, 2007
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An act where one woman gives oral pleasure to one man, and masturbates the other two.
I got caught iron crossing them the other night!
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A sexual maneuvre whereby the male (or dominating party if you're gay) turns the female (or bunny if you're gay) sideways and pushes them against a wall. The male will then proceed to thrust into the vagina (for homosexuals, the legs of the bunny must be brought up slightly so he can cornhole you). This looks like a cross from behind. Like all wall positions, this requires sturniess and good leg strength. It is advisable to lubricate when doing this to avoid severe bending of the penis.
Always consult a doctor before doing crazy shit.
by Gumba Gumba May 26, 2004
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An iron cross wearer is another way to say "skin head". Or one that is a racist caucasin, that wears the independant label frequently. Another characteristic of an iron cross wearer is to be over religous. Like people in Riverside!
"That town is filled with good-for-nothing iron cross wearers."
by Shmelby February 26, 2007
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