When someone makes an exit without advance notice or saying goodbye - thus avoiding any displaying any emotion.
When does Joanna work next? I was hoping to ask her about a shift swap.

Joanna doesn’t work here anymore. She gave us the Irish goodbye. Litterally - she resigned and went to Ireland.
by Chargenurse September 29, 2018
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In Germany we call this since a long time a "French Goodbye"! With the exception that this person "forgot" to pay his bill.
"Where's Karl? Who's paying the bill?" "Oh, I think he just did a french goodbye!"(German for Irish Goodbye)
by Bulgur December 29, 2011
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To depart, as from a bar or pub, without notifying the friends or family you are with.
Reed: "Hey, where is Dodge? He was supposed to buy the next round."

Collin: "I saw him about 20 minutes ago, standing next to the bar, swaying while he ordered a shot."

Reed: "You know what that means. He is probably a mile away by now, stumbling along a sidewalk, on his way home."

Collin: "He is truly the master of the Irish Goodbye."
by Dizzy Bizz April 18, 2010
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The act of leaving a social gathering suddenly, and without any word of goodbye to the other attendees.
"Where did you go last night? Last I saw you were at the bar, doing tequila shots!"
"Yeah man, it all got a bit too real, so I pulled an Irish Goodbye, grabbed a taxi home and fell asleep on the toilet"
by Orangutani January 17, 2021
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When you leave any social enviroment without telling anyone.
Where is that rat bastard Dave? That son of a bitch probably pulled the old Irish Goodbye.
by Rad Stevens March 23, 2015
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When someone avoids emotional situations by cutting off all communication and contact with specific people and goes on with life like nothing ever happened.
Rather than be honest about the reasons behind her actions Iranga pulled an Irish Goodbye... again.
by Baron von Burlison II September 22, 2018
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A goodbye taking more than 1 hour and in which a new conversation begins. People can spend hours on end standing in the driveway talking, during an Irish Goodbye. Not limited to Irish people, but very common among large Irish Families.

This type of goodbye is different because the more serious one is about leaving, the longer they stay around for.
T: Im going to bed for real
H: Okay goodnight
T: Wait, did you hear the new ___ album yet?
H: Yes, wasnt it amazing??
T: Most awesome of all time because...

*3 hours later*
T: Okay this Irish Goodbye must come to an end. I'm going to just hang up the phone otherwise we'll never stop talking.
by The Ruffio March 1, 2010
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