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Another word for unusually small male genetalia... or tiny penis
Heather: "Did you have sex with that guy last night?"

Jenifer: "Kind of...but his bingy was so small I couldn't feel anything."

Heather: "Oh, that's too bad."

Jennifer: "Yeah, it smelled pretty nasty too."
by Dizzy Bizz June 01, 2006
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A man who, despite being good looking, lacks masculinity. He is often found in trendy urban bars and dance clubs, wearing pastel button-up shirts. He almost always uses "product" to style his hair, and he can't drink for shit.
Dodge: "That guy sure can pull some tail. He's banged 4 different girls in the last week."

James: "Yeah, but he's a fucking silky."

Dodge: "True. Wanna take a shot of well whiskey?"

James: "Sure."
by Dizzy Bizz August 08, 2006
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The superior level of comfort, pleasure, and relaxation one feels when making a bowel movement in the privacy of one's own bathroom as opposed to a public restroom or bathroom at another person's house.
"Dude, that restaurant serves a mean breakfast burrito, but it goes right through you. I had to poo so bad I almost lost it in my pants. The bathroom there was totally nasty so I held out for home court advantage. The drive home sucked, but it was definitely worth it."

by Dizzy Bizz June 24, 2007
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To depart, as from a bar or pub, without notifying the friends or family you are with.
Reed: "Hey, where is Dodge? He was supposed to buy the next round."

Collin: "I saw him about 20 minutes ago, standing next to the bar, swaying while he ordered a shot."

Reed: "You know what that means. He is probably a mile away by now, stumbling along a sidewalk, on his way home."

Collin: "He is truly the master of the Irish Goodbye."
by Dizzy Bizz April 18, 2010
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