Irish people are hot, love alcohol but we arent all drinkers or alcoholics, love to smoke, have the best holiday St.paddy's day, excellent athletes, have the best country, coolest last names ( Murphy, O'Brian ...) are the people you want to be on your side in a bar fight, love to party and love families( AKA their Clans), strong, brave, crazy at times, thick headed and stubborn-- because we stand up for what we believe in and hate the English, love the color green.
by Irishredhead July 31, 2009
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Probably the best feckin' thing that will happen to you on a Saturday night.
"Man, those people from Ireland sure know how to spike the tea!"
by ColonelJ February 1, 2004
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An inability to leave the house, making one chronically late for everything. Affliciting almost exclusively the Irish population. In large groups, it becomes a disease, taking hours to leave the house as people have to constantly go back in to get keys, re-straighten their hair, change shoes, check that the D.V.R. is recording, etc.
Also known as IPT.
"Dude, why were you so late last night?"

All of the O'Connor clan came to the party. Can you imagine 19 people on Irish People Time trying to leave the house at once?
by hp0417 September 16, 2012
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On October 24th, you can bully any Irish person with complete disregard for their feelings with no consequences.
Non Irish Person: “it’s october 24th, fuck you you fucking irish prick
Irish person: “i cannot fight back for it is national bullying Irish people day 😢”
by camillaprimissus March 17, 2022
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